Day 001: Mr. Snowy Owl Leads Off!

Today is the start of my 365 Days of Birds photography project. Please read the background information. I am quite lucky to lead off with a Snowy Owl. Here in Duluth, Minnesota, we are enjoying an small invasion of Snowy Owls. I am fortunate enough to live less than a ten minute drive from this owl’s Winter territory, and have been watching him for over one month now. Thus, he gets to be my first bird.

A few other comments that related to this project. My camera is a modest Canon Sx40. While it would be nice to have an expensive DSLR with a huge telephoto zoom lens, this camera is amazing with what it allows me to accomplish in terms of a limited equipment budget.

The other surprise from photographing birds during our recent cold snap (i.e. it’s been -15F to -20F many, many mornings this January) has been that the lenses on my binoculars fog up from the warmth of my eyes while sitting in the car and investigating habitat for birds.


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