Day 022: Winter Misfit Robins

My first attempt to find some birds to photograph failed miserably. A long hike in the woods not only yielded no photo opportunities, I did not even see any birds. Something about the extreme cold with 25 to 30 mph winds must have made all the birds bed down deep in the forest.

After a trip back inside to warm up, I realized that one needed to do a better job of thinking like a bird. Find food and water in a wind shelter grove of trees and one should find birds. Saddling up my trusty steed (Subaru Outback) I drove out along the Mississippi River on a small road which I knew had some nice farms plus nice groves of trees. Eureka! I struck paydirt. Birds were all around me in this one grove, including a rare flock of Winter robins that were gorging themselves on some fruit. Given all the worms are under three feet of snow, this was the only meal in town!

Filling up next to a barn

A busy lunch spot …

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