Day 037: Morning Reflections and Misses!

Before heading over to the hospital this morning, I decided to spend some time near some ponds and marshes which are a short walk from my Dad’s house. Thus, I walked over before sunrise and waited for enough light to enable good bird photography.

I hope you enjoy today’s photos of the Sandhill Crane and Great Blue Heron, but as always in life … wow, did I miss the real photo opportunity. While sitting on a bench overlooking the pond around 6:45 am, half asleep, I was awakened by a huge splash and explosion of water 20 yards away from me. An Osprey had stooped from above and enjoyed some fish for breakfast. If I had been more alert, it would have been a fantastic photograph. Over the course of the next hour I often saw this bird swing again. I now know his hunting haunts. Maybe I will get lucky again … with some advance planning!

Great Blue Heron

Sandhill Crane

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