Day 052: Jackpot at Dawn! Great Gray Owl

Some of my friends wonder why I get up before dawn and brave the cold (+7F this morning). This sequence of three photos explains it all. The time before dawn and the golden hour are peaceful, serene and beautiful. Today I was rewarded with the experience of watching and photographing an extremely rare bird, the Great Gray Owl. At times I was only 20 feet away his perch where the bird was resting after a busy night hunting. I am truly blessed to spend this time with God’s creations.

SS Meteor (30 minutes before dawn)

Goldeneyes on the Hunt
(10 minutes after sunrise)

Great Gray Owl
(one hour after sunrise)
This post has now been updated to include two photos I took at sunset and then moonrise. The Great Grey Owl is my new best friend!

Sunset Owl

Moonrise Owl

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