Day 060: Great Horned Owl Family Meets a Squirrel

Hey! You! Get Off Of My Cloud!

Somehow this song from the Rolling Stones seems appropriate to today’s photograph of the Great Horned Owl Family. I saw two squirrels running up the oak tree, focused, pressed the shutter into burst mode and hoped! What a birthday present for me … or as my wife told me, Happy Boidday!

Molly and I drove south to the Minneapolis St-Paul area to celebrate our granddaughter’s birthday yesterday, and today I was released from family obligations and had a great time birding and photographing in southern Minnesota. As you can see, I found some bald eagles along the Mississippi River at Colvill Park in Redwind. The eagles were just downstream from a power plant, which meant open water rather than ice. Time to finish up this post and then have a birthday dinner with my family … bbq’d sirloin steak. What a great day!

Owl Family … Meet Mr. Squirrel

Mom Great Horned Owl at Sunrise

How many Bald Eagles can you count in this photo?
(answer down below)
Before I reveal the answer, did you count the “immature” bald eagles? The mature eagles with the white heads are easy to spot. Remember to maximize the photo by clicking upon the image. It will make the task easier.






The correct number of eagles is 11! You will need to be very meticulous and truly maximize the photo with the magnifying glass tool!

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