Day 061: Snow Berries!

In the Winter (or the Spring migration after a snow), find the food and you will find the birds! Such was the case this morning when I took my morning bird walk. When I first went outside the world was dead. There was no sound or movement. However, in the course of walking 400 yards I started hearing birdsong. Soon I was hearing a major chorus of hundreds of birds. Turning the corner, I discovered a huge berry tree. In the surrounding trees were hundreds of robins, cedar waxwings, and red-wing blackbirds. Given the amount of snow on the ground this tree represented an oasis of food in an otherwise bleak landscape. You’ll also notice it was snowing during many of these photos.

A Cedar Waxwing Eating Breakfast.

Which Berry Next?

This One!

Berry Inspection In Progress!

Snow Berries!

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