Day 064: Mya’s One Day of Birds!

Grampa decided he would let me write his blog entry today. My name is Mya, and I’m two years old. This past Saturday Grammy and Grampa came down to the Twin Cities to celebrate my birthday. You see, my birthday is one day before Grampa’s and I’m more important! After my birthday my brother Ben (age 3) and I traveled up to Duluth without my Mommy and Daddy.

Grampa likes to watch and photograph birds. I decided I would also try watching birds. A BIG snow storm came and I watched all the birds come to the feeders. We saw goldfinches, red and white breasted nuthatches, chickadees, downy and hairy woodpeckers. Here are some of my pictures. Oh yes, I did much better than Grammy. She went bird watching with Grampa on Monday night. They watched a Great Horned Owl and their babies. She only saw two birds. I saw many, many more! Here is Gramma’s post, also called One Day of Birds.

Oh yes … my Grampa was all excited because the goldfinches are starting to get golden yellow again. He said that even with the 3+ feet of snow on the ground (March 27th), this was a sure sign of Spring.

Me (Mya)! Watching goldfinches.

Goldfinch flying into a tree.

Goldfinch with a sunflower seed.

Red Breasted Nuthatch

Downy Woodpecker


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