Day 069: Hawk Attack … and More!

My first morning bird hike in Florida was dramatic. I am down here helping my snowbird father who had some recent surgery.

About one hour ago this red tailed hawk attacked me! I must have stumbled upon his nesting area. If I had seen the nest, I would never have moved so close for this photo. It is quite scary to have a hawk dive and attack you. His talons looked very large when they were only four feet above my head. I quickly held up my camera on its monopod to fend him off and then immediately exited the area w/o any delay.


In total I hiked for about 2.5 hours starting a bit before sunrise. The difference in the number and variety of birds between sprint time in Florida and an extended winter in northern Minnesota is amazing.

Wood Stork on Flight

Wood Stork in Search of Breakfast

Wood Ibis Duplication!

Osprey on the Hunt.

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