Day 074: Hawk Attack!

The birds were feisty shortly after dawn this morning. The food chain and territorial claims were being staked out by the birds of prey. In the course of thirty minutes I saw:

  • A bald eagle attack an osprey
  • A red-shouldered hawk attack a crow (twice)
  • Two red-shouldered hawks attack each other (twice)

I won’t even comment about all the small birds that were squabbling. They birds reminded me of my grandkids when they have an animated discussion about toys!  🙂

Pay attention to the entire photos when the two hawks are battling. You will see their shadows!

Get out of my territory!



Crow Sighted. Attack!
074-Birds-365-Red-Shouldered-Hawk-Crow-Attack-1 074-Birds-365-Red-Shouldered-Hawk-Crow-Attack-2

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