Day 077: Sunset Learning Bird Photography

Although the day started with rain (see earlier post), it ended with a beautiful mostly clear evening. Given Molly and I will head back north where there is still snow on the ground early Friday morning, I took a walk that started just before sundown. After enjoying a beautiful sunset which included some photographs of a red-shouldered hawk on the hunt, I continued my walk into the twilight. It was peaceful, calm and quiet.

As I neared my Dad’s home I saw a great egret intent on an evening fish. As you know, birds do not tend to stand still for having their picture taken. However, given the sky was gorgeous and reflecting into the pond, I wondered …

Thus, I set my camera for an exposure of 1/500th of a second and used the highest manual ISO possible on my camera (3200). Thankfully the egret was so engrossed in its fishing, I was able to take a series of about 15 photographs. I would just position myself in front of the bird, and wait for it to walk to my desired scene. With each picture I played around a bit more with my settings. I hope you like my final photo!


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