Day 079: Ice Out Gull

Return to the Frozen Northland … perhaps the hit Disney movie, Frozen, refers to the Arrowhead region of Minnesota! Regardless, Molly and I returned to Duluth at 9 am this morning. Somehow the photo I took later in the day of the seagull at the mouth of the Lester River shows there is hope for us. The snow is melting, and in the deep forest one will only find 1/2 foot to 2 feet on the ground. Actually, given the ice cover on Lake Superior this Winter (still at 75% as of today), seagulls have not been present!

I also included two non bird photos from today … one of the Aerial Bridge (entrance to the Duluth harbor) taken at 8:30 this morning as we were nearing the Duluth airport, and the waterfall across the street from our home. It’s roaring!

Lester River Ice Out Seagull


Winter gives up her grip on “Frozen”
Aerial-Bridge-By-Air The-Deeps

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