Day 090: 60 Species in 90 Days of Photos!

Well … actually 61 species!

Today is my 90th day of 365 Days of Birds … my year long bird photography project. Now that I am about 1/4 of a year through the effort, I wanted to reach 60 bird species on my 90th day. When I started this project on my wife’s birthday back in January, I was worried about even finding birds to photograph in the middle of the northern Minnesota winter. Even today on April 22nd there is over one foot of snow on the ground in the forest, and none of the area lakes are even near ice out. For this reason the annual bird migration has been slow to get started.

Reaching 60 bird species in my photographs was made easier by spending some time down in Florida helping my Dad, but also made much more difficult given my stay up in the Colorado Rockies while working as a volunteer for the YMCA of the Rockies. Up in the mountains there were basically two birds present, crows and magpies.

Today I captured with my camera an Eastern Phoebe and a Kildleer. One of my goals of this project is to maximize the number of bird species of which I take photographs. Thus, I will often forgo a cool photo of a bird I have already photographed, and work hard to take pictures of birds I’ve yet to capture on my camera.

090-Birds-365-Eastern-Phoebe 090-Birds-365-Killdeer

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