Day 110: Would You Rather be a Duck?

Would you like to swing on a star,
carry moonbeams home in a jar?

Or would you rather be a duck?

With my apologies to Bing Crosby (YouTube Link) and others for the slight change to the lyrics, I believe the answer to the question is “no”! I took these photos this morning at the mouth of the Lester River on Lake Superior. The wind was gusting to almost 40 mph, and these redheads really did not want to migrate one foot farther north. Their landing spot was about 50 yards past the end of the pack ice which has this end of Lake Superior (Duluth) slammed in with ice even on May 12th.

110-Birds-365-Surfing-Redheads-2 110-Birds-365-Surfing-Redheads-1 110-Birds-365-Surfing-Redheads-3

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