Day 111: Blue Jay Day

Throughout this entire project, whether I have been home in northern Minnesota, helping my Dad in central Florida, or volunteering in the Colorado Rockies, a common bird theme has been the ability to watch blue jays. Yet during this entire time to date, I never posted a photo of a single blue jay. However, with the Spring migration in force, even though some blue jays spend the winter in the Duluth area, southern jays are now migrating into and through the area. Over the past few days I’ve often seen flocks of well over one hundred blue jays. In fact, down on Minnesota Point two days ago I watched as a falcon attacked a flock of over 50 jays and had them completely terrified.

However, today is finally “Blue Jay Day”. The proper photographic conditions arrived for me to show off their deep, gorgeous blue. I’ve also included two photos which did not make the cut for my “bird of the day”.

Bird of the Day: Blue Jay
111-Birds-365-Blue-Jay-Day-2 111-Birds-365-Blue-Jay-Day-1


Bad Hair Day Osprey


Broad-Winged Hawk

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