Day 113: Western Waterfront Trail Warblers & More!

Spring continues to show that it might be arriving in the Northland. This morning I took a long hike on the Western Riverfront Trail on the St. Louis River. Even the dark clouds, snow and sleet could not put me off enjoying the new birds arriving into the Minnesota forest. At least the warblers provided some color on an otherwise dreary day!

Cape May Warbler Times Two!
113-Birds-365-Cape-May-Warbler-1 113-Birds-365-Cape-May-Warbler-2


Baltimore Oriole


Chestnut Sided Warbler


And some St. Louis River photos also from the trail …

These geese were upset this doe wanted goose eggs for breakfast. A major attack by the geese happened momentarily after this photograph.


Red-Necked Grebe

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