Day 116: Smelt for Breakfast Anyone?

One of the goals of a 365 day photography project is by working with the requirement to take a photograph every day, it forces the photographer beyond their comfort zone. Before this project, I would never have been able to capture this picture of two seagulls eating breakfast. While on the surface this photograph may not seem too amazing, it was actually taken 15 minutes before dawn with clouds on the horizon (i.e. meant even less light for photography). Without hesitation, I scaled up my ISO such that I could increase the shutter speed of my camera. Thus, I was able to “stop action” this moment. Pretty cool! Oh yeah, I also just like the photograph taken during the “blue hour“.

Eventually the sun came out, and around 8 am I had a fun time watching these fox kits and their mom. It was a great morning! The fox kits were rambunctious, perhaps a bit to crazy for Mrs. Fox!

Smelt for Breakfast (blue hour before dawn)


Morning at the Fox Den
116-Birds-365Fox-Den-3 116-Birds-365Fox-Den-4 116-Birds-365Fox-Den-2 116-Birds-365Fox-Den-1

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