Day 117: Day of the Mergansers!

The post title sounds like a “B Movie”, but the name is appropriate. The smelt and steelhead run up the northern Minnesota streams and rivers of Lake Superior continues to strengthen, and the diving ducks are very aware of that fact! With the wind chance out of the NE, the ice left Wisconsin and slammed back against the Minnesota shore. However, the current at the mouth of the Lester River insures and opening for fishing.

Today I saw and photographed my first hooded merganser. I hope you’re agree they are a pretty bird. In addition, two red-breasted mergansers drakes fought over a hen. I wonder if any female is worth the trouble?!

Hooded Merganser
117-Birds-365-Hooded-Merganser-2 117-Birds-365-Hooded-Merganser-1


Red-Breasted Merganser Fight


Ice flowing back to Minnesota from Wisconsin

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