Days 122 to 124: Memorial Day Weekend “Up North” Bird Photos

Memorial Day Weekend is normally considered the traditional start of Summer in the northwoods. This year, life is a bit unusual as although temperatures reached the mid 80’s due to a southwest wind, ice still remains on Lake Superior (Weather Channel article)! My family owns a small cabin on Northstar Lake near the Canadian border. It has many great qualities, but a few things we love about are cabin are:

  • it is off the grid (no cell, TV, or internet connections)
  • the natural beauty is stupendous

In Minnesota vernacular, even though we live in the far north relative to anyone else in the United States (Duluth, Minnesota), we still call heading to the cabin as going “Up North”. You may enjoy this free online magazine which has an “Up North” focus, and is even named, North.

However, given this blog is about birding and photography, here are this weekend’s photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as I had taking the pictures.

Saturday, May 24th: Day #122
Hartley Nature Center in Duluth – Chestnut-Sided Warbler


Sunday, May 25th: Day # 123
NorthStar Lake: Common Loon
Big Fork River: Barn Swallow and Tree Swallow


Monday, May 26th: Day # 124
NorthStar Lake: Eastern Kingbird & “Blue Hour” 
(30 minutes before dawn)
124-Birds-365-Eastern-Kingbird 124-Birds-365-Northern-Reflections

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