Day 141: Piping Plover (photos)

The Piping Plover is on the United States endangered species list. According to the Audubon Society, only 8000 individuals birds are in the wild today. Thus, when I heard it’s distinctive piping melodious call on a remote Lake Superior beach, I followed my ears and was rewarded with a very rare sight, the piping plover.

Some notes about the location and photos.  The Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula juts north into Lake Superior. It is extremely remote which is one reason Piping Plovers are able to maintain a presence (i.e. few humans). The cages in the photographs are out in the open on these remote beaches. The plovers walk into the cage and nest. The nest helps protect them from predators.

My first view of the Piping Plover


The Piping Plover inspects a cage it uses for nesting
141-Birds-365-Piping-Plover-2 141-Birds-365-Piping-Plover-3


A sign on the beach


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