Days 187 to 191: Biker Birds

I love to bicycle, and I also love to photograph birds. This past week I co-led a bike tour through the BWCA (boundary waters canoe area) of northern Minnesota, and the north shore of Lake Superior. My boyhood friend, Jim, runs a bike touring company … Bike Tour Vacations, and I often work as his second in command tour guide.

While the combination of cycling and birding is fun, leading a tour is a bit difficult when combined with birding and photography. I often cannot afford to stop and take the time to capture the desired photos. However, if one uses one “bird smarts”, the results are fun!

Day 187: Wounded Eagle (neat war memorial in the small town of Virginia, Mn.)


Day 188: Sleepy Time for Mallards


Day 189: White Throated Sparrow


Day 190: Peregrine Falcon at Palisade Head (a lifer for me!)


Day 191: Motel Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

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