Day 195: A Male Ruby-Throated Humminbird!!!

For the past several days I have been having fun photographing ruby-throated hummingbirds. However, females and immature hummingbirds vastly outnumber the males which actually have a “ruby-throat”. I wanted a picture of a male!

Finally today I discovered a male who was defending a patch of perennials. Whenever another hummingbird entered the area he would swoop down and attack. However his “chase away” tactics were impossible to photograph. Trying to focus on one of the smallest birds in North America while it performs aerial maneuvers at extremely fast speeds was beyond my capabilities. After waiting patiently for over an hour this particular male  ruby-throated hummingbird decided to feed, and thus provided my an opportunity to take my photographs! I hope you like the result.

Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
195-Birds-365-Ruby-Throated-Hummingbird-Male-1 195-Birds-365-Ruby-Throated-Hummingbird-Male-2

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