Day 205: Ambush at the Cemetery

The bird on the day is in this wolves belly! Per my norm, I headed out shortly after sunrise. Today’s birding and photographing location was the Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth. This location has some nice ponds and lots of forest immediately adjacent to the cemetery. Thus, birds and mammals like the park like location. Upon arriving at Forest Hill, I heard lots of geese and mallards squawking.  Within a few moments I discovered the reason for their racket, a coyote had ambushed a duckling and eaten it for a quick breakfast!

Eventually I found that this cemetery was not a great place for other creatures to hang out. Both an eastern kingbird and a house wren were ambushing some food for breakfast!

Bird of the Day … in the Coyote’s Belly!
205-Birds-365-Timber-Wolf-2 205-Birds-365-Timber-Wolf-4


House Wren Ambush
205-Birds-365-House-Wren-1 205-Birds-365-House-Wren-2


Gravestone Kingbird Ambush

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