Day 214: A Walk in the Park … Turkeys and Doves

When I headed out for my morning bird walk, my expectations were not high. The weather was unsettled with lots of dark storm clouds. However, for the period of about 30 minutes the sun tried to come out, and the birds took that time to make their presence known to me. Both photos are special to me:

  1. I love mourning doves, but they are a hard subject in terms of getting a decent photo. They normally hang out on power lines (boring photo), but today this bird obliged me by flying to the top of a nearby cabin and being caught in the soft morning light.
  2. This turkey family has to be the same chicks I captured back on June 1st  (day #130) when an eagle flew overhead and scared everyone. The location of the pictures almost dictates it is the same group of chicks. It was neat to see them now as juveniles.

Early Morning Mourning Dove


The Turkey Family Reprise


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