Day 217: Northern Lights Over Boulder Lake

Last night my Northern Lights software app alarm went off at 3 am. A quick look out the window confirmed that the rain I had heard earlier than evening had moved out of the area. Thus, by 3:15 am I was dressed and driving north to Boulder Lake. This remote lake is about 25 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota. While I did not get any pictures of birds while at the lake, shortly before the false dawn at 5 am I heard loons calling out mournfully through the darkness during a particularly bright display of the Aurora Borealis. The lights truly shined and danced last night.

LOL at myself. The first photo … the selfie of myself … was taken when it was only 48F outside. In my rush to leave the house last night I only threw on shorts, a t-shirt and a cotton sweater vest. Twas a bit cool hanging out on the lakeshore! Thankfully I had a blanket in the car in which I had wrapped myself. I guess Fall has arrived. Need to dress warmer.

Bird photography will come later today after a short nap!

Northern Lights on August 27, 2014 over Boulder Lake in Northern Minnesota

Boulder-Lake-Northern-Lights-A14-01w-Selfie Boulder-Lake-Northern-Lights-A14-02w-Curves Boulder-Lake-Northern-Lights-A14-05w-Beacons Boulder-Lake-Northern-Lights-A14-07w-Beacons Boulder-Lake-Northern-Lights-A14-15w-False-Dawn

3 thoughts on “Day 217: Northern Lights Over Boulder Lake

  1. Your northern lights photos from the wee hours this morning are outstanding! What app do you use that sounds an alarm when there’s about to be an aurora display? I see the are a few to choose from in the Play Store so I was wondering which one you’d recommend. Thanks! And keep sharing those beautiful photos!

    1. I use Aurora Alert ($1.99) in the Google Android Store. I am able to set all the variables in terms how and when I want to be alerted I have been very pleased.

  2. Thank you for such a spectacular gift, a feast for the eyes and spirit. Thank God for reminding us who He is and what He can do!

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