Days 269 to 271: Late Migrant Birds of the Northwoods

Most birds have gone south, leaving the northwoods strangely quiet. Finding a bird to photograph for this 365 day photography project is becoming increasingly difficult as the onset of winter approaches. However, following the basics of finding food and water still is the method of success. Here are some photo captures from the last few days.

Day 269: Reflecting Images (mallard)


Day 270: Merlin on the hunt just before sunset in Sax-Zim Bog


Day 270: Last Loon on NorthStar Lake in Winter Plumage
270-Birds-365-Common-Loon-2 270-Birds-365-Common-Loon-1


Day 271: Hooded Merganser – Quacking, Yawning & Diving
271-Birds-365-Hooded-Merganser-Quacking 271-Birds-365-Hooded-Merganser-Yawning 271-Birds-365-Hooded-Merganser-Diving

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