Day 284: Saying Goodbye to Bird Friends

I visited my friends, the hooded merganser couple, twice this morning. Early this morning it was cloudy, and later the sun broke through! Why the “goodbye”? Ice has now almost covered one of the ponds, and my friends … the ducks … will need to fly south fast! It was nice to finally get some sun to photograph the “hoodies”!

284-Birds-365-Merganser-Couple-1 284-Birds-365-Merganser-Couple-2 284-Birds-365-Merganser-Jumping 284-Birds-365-Mergansers-and-Geese 284-Birds-365-Mergansers-Courting-1 284-Birds-365-Mergansers-Courting-2 284-Birds-365-Merganser-Surprise-Splash

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