Days 306 & 307: Birds of the Northern Pine Forest

Northern Minnesota has large pine forests, and these wilderness areas offer great winter birding opportunities for anyone brave enough to enjoy our varying, cold weather! Yesterday I went birding north of Two Harbors on a cold, crisp morning. The bright clear sunshine made for excellent photographic conditions, and I was rewarded when lots of pine grosbeaks started to feed in the pine trees right after sunrise.

Today snow squalls are rolling through the region. While snow makes for difficult photography as autofocus lasers often bounces off snowflakes, it is still worth heading outside. On Old Vermilion Trail I had fun watching a Great Gray Owl search for breakfast.

Day 306: Pine Grosbeak
306-Birds-365-Pine-Grosbeak-1 306-Birds-365-Pine-Grosbeak-2


Day 307: Great Gray Owl

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