Day 308 & 309: Late Migrants Through the Northern Forest

The last two days has seen me find two birds from farther north in Canada, that normally should have already migrated through my region. The Hooded Merganser totally surprised me as there is almost no open water anywhere for miles and miles around, yet it found an opening in a small stream to rest and eat.

In a similar sense, the Fox Sparrow was also attracted to a much larger river ravine where one could find a few open spots in the ice. Thus, find food and water in the winter, and you will find birds.

Day 308: Hooded Merganser
308-Birds-365-Thanksgiving-Hooded-Merganser-2 308-Birds-365-Thanksgiving-Hooded-Merganser-1


Day 309: Fox Sparrow


I also enjoyed photographing the arrival of this “laker” to Duluth late Thanksgiving afternoon. The sun and angle was perfect!

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