Day 315: A Superior Snowy Owl!

I spent some quality time with my “Superior Snowy” just before sundown … thus many of the photos with the “golden light”. The call and flight sequence were caused by some invading crows whose presence was not appreciated by the owl!.

I think I will personally give this snowy the nickname, “Runway”. As that is where he often hangs out (see last photo taken from a distance). The “Superior” in the blog post comes from the fact this owl hangs out in Superior, Wisconsin.

Crow! Crow! Crow! (in this sequence, the snowy owl first hears and then sees some crows coming to attack it. The owl decides it is time to fly!
315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-04 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-06 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-07 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-08 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-09


Hunting for voles and mice!
315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-05 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-02 315-Birds-365-Superior-Snowy-03


What’s the score?!


Hanging out next to the Superior, Wisconsin Airport runway


Sunrise the same morning over Lake Superior at Stoney Point


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