Day 318: Unexpected Pleasures: Harlequin Duck

Originally I went over to Superior this morning to see if I might capture my friendly neighborhood snowy owl against the sunrise. When that bird failed to show, I decided to stop by Canal Park and take in the early morning sights. A Laker was passing under the Aerial Bridge, and even though I am a native Duluthian, I never tire of that sight!

Before leaving I decided to take a quick peak at the flock of mallards swimming outside the breakwater. Almost turning to leave I realized one of the ducks was no mallard! In fact, I had no idea what kind of duck was swimming with the flock, except it looked unusual. Not until I returned home and did some research did I realize I had spotted a rare bird for these parts, a Harlequin Duck. I guess I have to thank Mr. Snowy for not showing up this morning! LOL!

Two Photos of the Harlequin Duck
318-Birds-365-Harlequin-Duck-1 318-Birds-365-Harlequin-Duck-4


The Laker that attracted my to Canal Park this morning

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