Day 320: Ice Lord! (photos)

I have a new theory based upon this morning’s discovery of the Ice Lord! Let me explain …

While on my way to a local Nordic ski trail this morning for my workout, I stopped by the old Interstate Bridge on the Duluth Harbor Waterfront. Upon exiting the car, I heard a huge amount of screaming. Over the next few minutes was treated to four bald eagles (2 pairs) fighting in mid air. They dove, banked and did all kinds of aerial stunts … it was a true dog fight, or in this case an eagle fight.

My theory is that these birds were fighting over prime scavenging real estate. The US Coast Guard is keeping the shipping lanes open in the harbor. I believe that whenever a freighter comes by, its HUGE engines suck up and kill fish … in short a great and easy breakfast for eagles. Using the ship web site monitor for Duluth, I will check my hypothesis over the coming mornings.

The Winners! Ice Lords (and Ladies)
320-Birds-365-Iced-Bald-Eagle-2 320-Birds-365-Iced-Bald-Eagle-1

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