Day 335: Christmas Eve Northwoods Raptors

One reason I love living, working and playing in the Northwoods is I am able to spend special mornings with nature. I awoke this morning to an unheard of event … breaks in the cloud cover. After our 18 day run of clouds, rain, fog and snow (1 sunny day), I got excited and drove over to my Snowy Owl stomping grounds. I wanted to arrive at sunrise, and see if I could watch some owls in the early morning light. I was treated to not one, but three different snowy owls. One ever posed for me on the baseball scoreboard with the early dawn light in the background!

After the snowies decided it was time to snooze, I was not willing to end my time in the sun. Thus, I drove well north of Two Harbors, Minnesota and was again treated to a great sight. Four bald eagles and a ton of ravens were making a huge noise while they fought over breakfast.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Rich Hoeg (me), the NorthStarNerd.

Bald Eagle Christmas & Happy Holiday Greetings
335-Birds-365-Bald-Eagle-Pines-2 335-Birds-365-Bald-Eagle-Walking 335-Birds-365-Bald-Eagle-Flying-1


Snowy Owl Christmas & Happy Holiday Greetings
335-Birds-365-Snowy-Owl-Shed-1 335-Birds-365-Snowy-Owl-Sunrise-2 335-Birds-365-Snowy-Owl-Lights

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