Day 339: Golden Hour Birds

Have you ever heard the term “golden hour” photography? Basically the term means the hour immediately after sunrise, and the hour before sunset. During this time period the light is soft, and colors are enhanced. In Minnesota during the winter, our golden hour is actually much longer than 60 minutes for the simple reason the sun does not get all that high in the sky.

Yesterday I made to birding excursions. All the photos were taken during the golden hour. The light and the resulting photographs were fantastic!

Goldeneyes in the Duluth Harbor
339-Birds-365-Goldeneyes-Clown-1 339-Birds-365-Goldeneyes-Clown-2 339-Birds-365-Goldeneyes-Sunrise


Katie’s Snowy Owl! (she had been showing my snowy owl photos to the 4th grade class she teaches. Thus it was fun to taken her and Erik on a successful owling expedition.
339-Birds-365-Katie-Snowy-Owl-1 339-Birds-365-Katie-Snowy-Owl-2 339-Birds-365-Katie-Snowy-Owl-3 339-Birds-365-Katie-Snowy-Owl-4 339-Birds-365-Katie-Snowy-Owl-5


One More Snowy Owl

3 thoughts on “Day 339: Golden Hour Birds

  1. Love looking at your photos. Stumbled upon your blog through MOU. Is the snowy owl banded in the photos with your daughter? I couldn’t tell if that was a trick of light or a band. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. The Snowy is banded. Most of the Snowy Owls over at Superior Middle School are banded. It lets me know if I am seeing a unique bird!

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