Day 344: Chickadee and First Impressions of the Sony NEX-5T

Today’s decent light rapidly evaporated as northern Minnesota awaits the arrival of an Alberta Clipper and a winter storm. By the time I got around to bird photography today, the light was dim and the world was gloomy. Thankfully I can almost always count upon a black-capped chickadee to be present and allow me to continue my 365 bird photography project.

While I took today’s bird photograph with my Canon SX60, which I love given its zoom telephoto capability (see my review of this camera), I now also head out on my birding rounds with a second camera also in tow … my new Sony NEX-5T mirrorless camera.

My initial impressions of this camera are very favorable. My goal in the purchase of this camera was to have a device in my kit which would excel for landscape and low light / night time photography. Sony’s mirrorless systems have been noted for excelling in the low light arena. While I am still learning the camera, and have not had the opportunity yet to photograph the Northern Lights, I am pleased with the results.

Today’s Bird … photo taken with my Canon SX60 camera


Low light photos taken since Christmas Day with my Sony NEX-5T camera
344-Birds-365-Dawn-Of-Yesteryear 342-Birds-365-Stoney-Point-Seasmoke-Sunrise 341-Birds-365-Midnight-Arrival 336-Birds-365-Christmas-Creek

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