Days 362 to 364: Countdown Birds

Yes … I am in the final countdown to having completed 365 straight days of taking at least one bird photograph every day. As we have neared the completion of my goal, the pressure has mounted. Birds get increasingly hard to find during the northern Minnesota winter, and thereby photographic opportunities decrease. Given I want to take a good and interesting photograph I have become slightly paranoid about this project. My hours dedicated each day to birding have rapidly increased. Here are the last three days in preparation for tomorrow’s grand finale!

Day 362: Night Owl! (Northern Hawk Owl at Dusk)


Day 363: Mallards … Fearless or Foolish? (last freighter of the shipping season)


Day 364: Adult and Immature Bald Eagles at Lester River
364-Birds-365-Bald-Eagle-Adult 364-Birds-365-Bald-Eagle-Juvenile-Perched

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