Beware this Bird! Glutinus Maximus (Yr. 2: Day 29)

Some of your may think this photo is a Common Redpoll, but you would be horribly mistaken. It’s real Latin name is Glutinus Maximus!  Has eaten 25 pounds of sunflower seeds in just three days.

Normally hangs out with 100+ of its friends … chickadees, finches (gold, purple and pine siskins), nuthatches (white and red-breasted) and the woodpecker clan (downy, hairy and red-bellied). Pays for its supper with extended bouts of singing and chirping in our yard.


2 thoughts on “Beware this Bird! Glutinus Maximus (Yr. 2: Day 29)

  1. Hey Rich! Karen & Tom’s daughter here 🙂 I loved the article on your site, and am now downloading pics for my rotating nature wallpaper. They are amazing, great job and I hope you are well and reasonably warm!

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