Canine Bird of the Day! (Yr. 2: Day 37)

Had fun north of Two Harbors this morning shortly after sunrise. Although I saw tons of pine grosbeaks, the real fun of the day was watching two timber wolves, and then this red fox a bit later. Seven photos ranging from the hunt … spitting up the hair ball … the stretch … to a full belly nap! Even though the temperature was -3F when I look this photos, the fox seemed warm curled up in the sun! The pine trees were providing an effective wind block to the northwest.

Y2-D037-Red-Fox-1 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-2 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-3 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-4 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-5 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-6 Y2-D037-Red-Fox-7



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