Northern Magic: Aurora Borealis & Apostle Islands Ice Caves

The 40th day of year 2 demonstrates the magical beauty of the Northland. Shortly after 4 am, 40 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota I watched the Northern Lights dance across the early morning sky. While I was watching the Aurora, an owl kept me company hooting from about one hundred yards away!

If the day had just ended at this point, I would have been happy. However, along with a few friends we drove over to northwestern Wisconsin and visited the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Ice Caves. We hit the jackpot … a gorgeous blue ski day with mild winds and temperatures which soared into the mid 20’s. Winter is truly special!

Northern Lights Over Little Stone Lake (Minnesota)



Apostle Islands Ice Caves





Most folks walk over the frozen Lake Superior ice … some come by plane! Regardless, it is a treat to see the ice caves … an experience which only occurs every few years when a cold winter and winds over Lake Superior combine to make the ice safe to walk out to the caves.


One thought on “Northern Magic: Aurora Borealis & Apostle Islands Ice Caves

  1. I really appreciate your photographs of the Northern Lights. I know the perils of night photography but your images were worth all the efforts. I have been to Iceland just to capture a glimpse of this natural phenomena. I took the trip July 2013 I would be glad to share it will you and your visitors. 🙂

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