Changing Seasons: Winter & Spring Friends

Winter is giving up its hold on the Northwoods. The snow has melted, even in the deep forest. While it is nice to be warmed by the sun with just a faint memory of severe below zero temperatures (F, not C), we locals know not to get too comfortable. Even as we celebrated “pi” day which comes but once per century (3.14.15 … ), everyone knows the snow will be back quite a few times before the leaves bud out in very late May.

However, for the moment like everyone else I am enjoying the change of seasons. Here are a few photos from the past few days … Year #2, Days 49 to 52.

American Black Duck … utilizing the only, but small, open water to be found


Fire and Ice – Sunrise at Canal Park


Breakfast for the Ermine / Weasel
Y2-D052-Ermine-1 Y2-D052-Ermine-2 Y2-D052-Ermine-3

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