Goldeneyes … Frozen in Flight! (Yr. 2: Day 53)

One makes one own luck!

I spent almost 1/2 hour this afternoon slowly getting close to a flock of Goldeneyes at the end of the Duluth Interstate Bridge. This Goldeneye trio swam to the end of an open water channel, and were blocked by ice. They had three options: turn around, dive or fly. I hoped for the third option and was rewarded! It’s nice to have open water again.

The Approach


The Take-Off


Frozen in Flight!

2 thoughts on “Goldeneyes … Frozen in Flight! (Yr. 2: Day 53)

  1. Just amazing photos! Thanks for this new experience

    Do you know of a Bohemian Wax wing? I had saw a 5″ wax wing and was taken by the beauty of this bird. Than at a later date I saw 6 to 7 inch,,a much larger waxwing, the coloring was much more pounced. In my bird book I read this larger and with added coloring was called a Bohemian wax wing. I I’ve looked and looked for this new found beauty. I’ve asked the bird stores but no acknowledgement on what I had spotted. I spotted this beauty in Rogers mn. In a crabapple tree.
    Was I just seeing an imaginary bird?

    1. Thank for your knd comments. In the winter seeing Bohemian Waxwings in Minnesota while not common, is definitely a possibility, particularly in the northern part of the state. The Bohemians spend their summers in northern Canada and consider our winters warm!

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