Raptor Roulette at Sax-Zim Bog (Yr. 2: Day 61)

Any vole or mouse which ventured out of its burrow this morning into the fields of Sax-Zim Bog was playing Russian Roulette, or should I say Raptor Roulette. While the bog is known as the place to visit in the lower 48 to see Arctic birds that winter in northern Minnesota, and the “grey ghost” … the great grey owl, with the melting of the snow and warming temperatures the raptors are returning north. A trip through the bog this morning provided many opportunities to watch hawks and eagles hunting … quite often successfully.

Bald eagles often scavenge, and I found this eagle working over a black bear carcass which I have been visiting for over two months.


This Northern Harrier made a kill, and after eating some of its breakfast was driven off its kill by these two crows.
Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-03-Breakfast-Fight Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-04-Breakfast-Fight Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-05-Breakfast-Fight Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-06-Breakfast-Fight


A rough-legged hawk hunts the Bog


All is not kill and be eaten … this purple finch sang from the treetops and ate some buds!
Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-09-Purple-Finch-Buds Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-08-Purple-Finch-Buds Y2-D061-Sax-Zim-Bog-07-Purple-Finch-Buds

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