Cattle Egrets & Barbie Cars!

We are 15 days and over 650 miles into our bike tour through Texas, the Ozarks, and finally along the Missouri River. Today was a good day for riding and the back roads provided both birding and “purple cow” viewing opportunities! For Molly and me, a purple cow is a unique, somewhat unusual roadside attraction.

Early in the day we stumbled upon where Barbie Cars go to die, a Barbie Car Graveyard! See the photo. Later in the afternoon Molly spotted some Cattle Egrets. It was fun to observe these birds, which do not come north as far as Minnesota utilizing a horse for a more effective hunt for insects! Apparently livestock helps these birds be 50% more productive at hunting. Wonder what the horse gets out of the relationship?!

You may follow our trip diary via the Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal. Here some photos from today.Horse-Cattle-Egret-4_wm 15-Barbie-Car-Graveyard-1 15-Jacksonville-Rd-Molly


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