An Afternoon in the Fog: Swan Attack! (Year 2, Month 5)

Last winter’s cold, cold nights means the Lake Superior water temperature even in mid May is still very cold (i.e. in the high 30’s). Unfortunately the direct result of this cold water is lots and lots of fog. Most outdoorsmen know that fog and photography don’t mix, or that’s what lot’s of people think. I often head out in during these conditions. The fog itself can present eerie image opportunities, and one never knows when the fog may lift, even somewhat.

Yesterday afternoon was just such a day. Rather than be grouchy at home I took a quick bike ride and then headed out with my camera. The results speak for themselves!

Trumpeter Swan attacks and drives Canada Goose off local pond


Love in the fog … Ring-billed Gulls


Common Yellow-Throat (Warbler)


Ring Necked Duck

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