Warblers Gone Wild! (year 2, month 5)

For the past two days, strong northeast winds off Lake Superior have stopped the northern warbler migration. If one has been willing to brave the ugly weather (40F, 20+ mph winds, and drizzle), hundreds of warblers may be seen at the end of Park Point and on the Western Waterfront Trail in Duluth. These birds are smart, and do NOT want to fly against such strong winds.

The two locations noted channel birds into high density concentrations as the birds definitely do NOT want to fly out over Lake Superior in these conditions. Thus, the birds hold in location, or work their way along the shoreline. Although Park Point may have had more warblers, I prefer the Western Waterfront Trail. It allows better opportunities for photographs. The trail works its way along the St. Louis River, and one may often look down, or level with small trees which sometimes makes bird photography easier.

Wilson’s Warbler


American Redstart


Common Yellowthroat
Y2-M05-Yellow-Throat-2 Y2-M05-Yellow-Throat-3


A Great Blue Heron surveys the warbler scene!

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