Arctic Invasion Reprise at Sunrise!

It was brisk, but sunny down on the end of Park Point (Duluth) by Sky Harbor at 5:40 am yesterday morning. A very strong wind blowing out of the north kept the Arctic shorebirds I had first spotted the day before around for another day. I actually saw one large flock flying south off Lester River. I believe they all decided it was not worth pushing north … too strenuous.

Ruddy Turnstones greet the sunrise!
Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-03a Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-01


“The Local” gets invaded by Ruddy Turnstones and Sanderlings!




Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings & Dunlins at Sunrise!
Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-07 Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-09



A lone Ruddy Turnstone greets the sunrise … and “Follow the Leader”
Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-06 Y2-M05-Arctic-Shorebirds-05-Follow-the-Leader

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