The Wolfpack of Lake Superior! (Year 2, Month 6)

Any ship or freighter sailing the high seas of Lake Superior, BEWARE!!! The Wolfpack of Lake Superior is on the loose!

Common Merganser Chicks … the Lake Superior Wolfpack
Y2-M06-Common-Merganser-Wolfpack-1 Y2-M06-Common-Merganser-Wolfpack-2


After the Wolfpack ran out of gas … nap time for the chicks … strong NE wind!
Y2-M06-Common-Merganser-Family-Nap-Time-2 Y2-M06-Common-Merganser-Family-Nap-Time-4

One thought on “The Wolfpack of Lake Superior! (Year 2, Month 6)

  1. I love your work. As an American expat living in the UK, I find North Am birds are one of the things I really miss – cardinals, mourning dives, loons and,of course, merge.

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