Bobolink Bonanza

Yesterday I saw the first bobolinks of my life. These are cool looking birds. I found the two meadows where the male bobolinks were singing to find a mate while on my bike. Cycling often helps me ID locations where I will return later by car for some serious birding. Such was the case with my bobolinks. This morning at sunrise I drove to the two meadows in search of the bird, and was successful! Here are the results. I also was serenaded by a sandhill crane, but I do not believe anyone alive today could call its song melodious!

Bobolinks of Sax-Zim Bog
Y2-M06-Bobolink-04-Grass-Jungle Y2-M06-Bobolink-02-Fence-Post Y2-M06-Bobolink-01-Singing-to-the-Morning


Y2-M06-Sandhill-Crane-01-SingingSandhill Crane

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