Camouflaged at the Old Railyard!

Although I love photographing birds, there are some other subjects I like to chase with my camera including shunted aside ancient and derelict railroad cars. Sometimes the search for the trains yields a fun birding experiences. Such was the case two nights ago when driving through an old railyard near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin I noticed a Killdeer immediately in front of my Subaru. The bird would not move. I commented to my wife, Molly: “There must be a nest”! After exiting the car, two Killdeer immediately presented me with the fake broken wing treatment. I quickly took some photos and left them to enjoy the warm summer evening in peace. Killdeer nests are right out in the open and amazingly camouflaged. Take a look!

Nesting Killdeer



Broken Wing Treatment



Eggs … well camouflaged right in the open



Shunted Aside Old Train (my original quarry)


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