Meadow Madness! Dickcissels & Meadowlarks

Molly and I just finished up “a quikie” bike tour. Unlike our longer multiple month and hundreds of miles, if not thousands of miles trips … we only cycled 156 miles over three days. The bike tour may have been short, but the birding and scenery has been great. Just this morning at sunrise I captured a new lifer, a Dickcissel! Next to that bird on the wire was an Eastern Meadowlark. Although I love my home area along the North shore of Lake Superior, both of these birds never visit the Boreal forest.

Here are a few of my sunrise photographs, and a few pics from the last three days of cycling. We named this bicycle tour the Wisconsin River Ramble. After a short tour along the Mississippi River, we biked 61 miles up the Scenic River byway, and then back the next day. As much as we could, our route took some different roads each day. Much of this area was never scoured by glaciers during the last ice age. The end result is hills because the land was nor shaved flat by the grinding pressure of the ice.

The Dickcissel



Eastern Meadowlark



Day’s 2 and 3 of our ride




A typical farm scene while cycling



The Unique Cafe in Boscobel



Some Blue Wildflowers Along the Highway



Hill Dispair \ Fatigue (50+ miles into the day’s ride)



Thanks Wisconsin!


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