The Last Photo! Drenched! Harry Times Two!

Last photo with this camera??? Hairy Woodpeckers x2 … the young birds are fledged.

I got caught in a huge thunderstorm while out hiking this afternoon. For 30 minutes I cowered deep in dense undergrowth and tryed to keep my camera dry. Ultimately I failed. Both the camera and I got drenched. After a hot shower I am now warm and dry; but the camera two hours later is doing strange things. My Canon SX60 turns on whenever it desires and gives me a non stop busy mode; in short it does not work.

I just ordered another camera via Amazon Prime. Hope I will be able to return the new camera, but research via the web seems to indicate my Canon SX60 is toast. I ordered a the slightly older SX50 refurbished model as a money saving mode.

My better half just told me (and I agree) that I have a very understanding wife. I have a very nasty habit of wrecking one camera per year … drop on ice … get caught in downpours … whatever.

Just fledged Hairy Woodpeckers


4 thoughts on “The Last Photo! Drenched! Harry Times Two!

  1. Over here in the UK rain is a constant problem for photographers. There are nifty little plastic covers for your camera and covers for your camera bag. In an emerge my a plain grocery bag will do. Try it out. It’s cheaper than a new camera.

  2. Have you tried wrapping the camera up in a bag of uncooked white rice? I managed to save my daughter several hundred dollars by giving her iPad this treatment when she spilled an entire thermos of tea on it while it was at the bottom of her backpack. It takes several days to do its magic, but somehow it draws out the water from tiny hidden places. This also worked for my husband’s cell phone when he dropped it in the river while we were canoeing.

    1. Thanks! A bunch of folks suggested the rice treatment, and thankfully it worked. The camera is back in action!

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